All Things New - 9.18.2017

Good morning!

Thank you so much for your patience this past week as we took a necessary break from All Things New to minister among our church family and neighbors after Hurricane Irma. Although we didn't receive the worst of her effects, many of our members sustained significant damage to their property and lost power for days (some still don’t have it). With all praise to God, we were able to help many of our church members and neighbors in need.

Our attention now turns to helping our brothers and sisters to the south, as well as in Houston and the Caribbean. We're also keeping a close eye on Maria, praying she's destined for a cruise back out to sea! 

We’ll be back to our workweek devotional tomorrow morning! Until then, thank you for your prayers and offers of assistance. They’ve meant the world to us! 

Much love in Jesus,

Kevin Labby