All Things New - 9.8.2017

If you didn't know, my home church, Willow Creek Presbyterian Church, is located in Winter Springs, FL. According to the latest projections, we're in the path of Hurricane Irma. Thankfully, we're further inland, and not facing the devastation currently projected for our friends in South Florida. Even so, we're projected to experience major storm damage. 

That said, and in place of a weekend devotional, I simply wanted to solicit your prayers on behalf of Florida, our churches, and communities, even as you pray for those recovering in Houston, the Caribbean, and other places around our world. 

Here is a brief prayer that I wrote earlier today. This morning, and throughout the weekend, would you join me and many others in offering it to our Father? Thank you!

Our Merciful Father, even as we continue to pray for our brothers, sisters, and friends in Houston and the Caribbean as well as others experiencing the the disruptive disasters our our fallen world, we ask you to protect the lives of our fellow Floridians and minimize the destruction of Hurricane Irma in our communities. Among other necessary petitions, we humbly ask in the Name of Jesus Christ that your Spirit: 

- guide and direct Governor Rick Scott as he directs the resources of our state government;

- empower members of our National Guard, state and local law enforcement, fire and rescue, and other first responders as they prepare for and respond to the effects of this storm;

- enable local governments and businesses to provide necessary supplies for the preservation of life and the protection of property; 

- guide the preparation and responsive efforts of our utility companies and their workers;

- guide South Floridians, in particular, as well as others as they evacuate, insuring open roadways and sufficient fuel and lodging for them; 

- preserve a climate of civility, hospitality, and mutual concern in our communities even in times of scarcity; 

- empower your Church to respond alongside others of goodwill in loving service to its members and neighbors in need;

- and, if this storm should continue beyond Florida, steer it away from our neighbors to the north and safely out to sea. 
We confess that storms like these are the evidence of a world gone awry, yet praise you as the One who is making all things new. We confess our need of your mercy, and humbly seek your grace. 


Thank you so much. Molly and I are very grateful for you.