And he who was seated on the throne said,
“Behold, I am making all things new.”

- Revelation 21:5 (ESV)


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Grace Encounter

There is only One who can make us one. This is the hope of the Grace Encounter Conference, a young but fast-growing event devoted to reflecting and rejoicing in the unity of God's children in Jesus Christ. In 2018, we welcomed Steve Brown, Clarence McClendon, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Herb Andrew (pictured), Zach Van Dyke, Justin Holcomb, and more! 

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Kevin writes a weekly devotional called, All Things New. It's available here, but can also be delivered straight to your inbox. Designed for busy people, it's short and sweet. It's designed to help children of God remember what they all-too-easily forget: that they're children of God! Want to be encouraged and reminded? Just join the All Things New mailing list here

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Worship at Willow

Willow Creek Church of Winter Springs, Florida is a congregation devoted to declaring and demonstrating the power of the gospel, inviting people to discover and deepen their relationship with Jesus. In Orlando? Join us for worship every Sunday morning at 9:00AM or 10:45AM! Need directions? Have other questions? Visit Willow Creek Church online

It's hard to believe you're a new creation
when you're dealing with the same old stuff.


Everyday life can wear us down. Our daily worries often loom so large.
They can seem to eclipse everything else, even God and his promises. 

With that in mind, I write a weekly devotional. It's designed as a short but hopefully sweet reminder that you're not the same old person you once were, even as you deal with the same old stuff. You're a new creation, a beloved child of God - a beautiful creature of purpose and indescribable destiny. 

If you'd like to receive a weekly encouragement in God's grace, please subscribe.
I'll send you a special word from God's Word every week.
It would be my joy to cheer you on, as you run the race of faith. 

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'I AM' - Jesus in His Own Words


Most admit that Jesus was a remarkable man, while yet disagreeing on what made him so remarkable. Some say he was a liar. Some say he was a lunatic, someone – as C.S. Lewis famously commented - “on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg.” Some, like the Pharisees of his day, imply that he was possessed by a demon. Others, like the world’s two billion professing Christians, combine with Christians over two millennia in saying he is Lord. But who did Jesus say he was – or is?

Over seven consecutive Sundays in May and June, we’ll be looking at the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus – seven declarations Jesus made about his identity, all recorded in the Gospel of John. During this series, I’ll be joined by Pastor Drew Taylor (May 6th) and Dr. Steve Brown (June 10th). Make plans to join us for all seven, or listen online at

Willow Creek Church is located at 4725 East Lake Drive, Winter Springs, FL 32708.
Need directions? Visit us online!


The Apostles' Creed - A Midweek Bible Study for Men


The men of Willow Creek Church gather on Wednesday nights for Bible study and fellowship at 6:30PM, usually in the Senior Pastor's Study. This summer, Pastor Kevin will lead a practical and conversational study of Matt Chandler's excellent study, The Apostles' Creed: Together We Believe.

May 2 - Session 2
May 9 - Session 3
May 16 - Session 4
May 23 - Session 5
May 30 - Fellowship at Rock and Brews

June 6 - Session 6
June 13 - Session 7
June 20 - Session 8
June 27 - Fellowship at Group Member Home

July 4 - NO GROUP (Independence Day)
July 11 - Session 9
July 18 - Session 10
July 25 - Fellowship at Papa Bee's

August 1 - Session 11
August 8 - Session 12

No registration required. Just join us in Pastor Kevin's Study at Willow Creek Church (4725 East Lake Drive, Winter Springs, FL 32708) at 6:30PM.

All are welcome!




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