Monday Motivation

"God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control."

- 2 Timothy 1:7

During a seminary classes, my professor shared the story of a man who desperately needed to cross a large, ice-covered river. However, the man had no idea the water’s depth, nor – more importantly - the depth of the ice upon which he walked. 

As he started out, he was somewhat bold. After all, he figured that should he fall through, the water would probably only come to his knees or waist. He would then be able to wrestle himself free. As he walked further out though, he grew increasingly nervous. Should he fall through, he might get caught in a current and unable to fight his way back through the hole to safety. Panicked, he devised a plan. He would drop to his knees and then prostrate on the ice, laying out completely and thereby distributing his weight. Slowly inching along, his face, body, and hands grew frigid. He was safe, but miserable. 

As he felt the beginnings of frostbite, he heard the jingle of bells in the distance. The sound grew nearer, and with it the laughter of adults and children. Soon, a huge horse-drawn sleigh, filled with children, parents, and grandparents slowed near him on the ice. Seeing the strange sight of the man prostrate on the ice, they asked, “Are you OK?” The man responded, “Indeed. Much better than I thought.”

So it is with our lives before God. Sometimes, we don’t realize just how secure we are. As a result, our lives are characterized by unjustifiable fear and worry more than God’s peace and joy and the assurance of his love. Instead of trusting in the strength of his great love for us, we spend our days worried that his affections can’t truly hold our weight. 

Child of God: Your Father will never let go of you. He’s not surprised by your struggles to trust. He adopted you into his family with eyes wide open. Your confidence might waver, but his love never fails. 

You're loved. Don't forget it.