Technology - Circle by Disney

Few things challenge Molly and me as parents more than safeguarding our children online and managing their devices. It seems like more and more devices are web-enabled these days, giving kids seemingly endless pathways to the best and, sadly, the worst of the Internet. How can parents stay ahead of ever-evolving technology?

I don't have a complete answer to that question. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, what I do have is one more - very helpful - tool. It's called Circle with Disney, and it helps parents to monitor and manage all web-enabled devices and Internet access in their house. With Circle, parents can:

  • Manage every connected device

  • Filter online content in age-appropriate ways

  • Pause access to the Internet

  • Set daily Internet time for websites and apps

  • Reward children with extra time

  • Review all device usage

  • More

Is it perfect? No. Is it very helpful? Yes. I hope that the manufacturers continue to develop this robust tool. Parents need to be well-positioned to care proactively for their children online, not ill-equipped and overwhelmed. This is a great step toward that end.

You can purchase here.