Life Is Impossible: And That's Good News

Growing up in the 1980s, preachers often seemed hopelessly quaint and perpetually out-of-touch to me. From my young and admittedly arrogant vantage point, too many wore cheap suits, listened to "old lady" music, and considered Hee-Haw cutting edge pop culture. However, what these often lacked in cultural awareness, they seemed to possess in biblical and theological knowledge. At least in my circles, they preached and taught with depth and power.

Into the 1990s, more and more preachers got wise to the "seeker sensitive" game. They started dressing better or at least more casually, traded parlor music for pop music, and even dared to lace occasional pop culture references into their sermons. It was refreshing and kept church attractive to many who might have otherwise disengaged - myself included. However, this eventually led to overcorrection. Gradually, the "seeker sensitive" impulse became entertainment-driven pandering for pew fillers. The results, at least in some instances, were shallow preaching and saccharine teaching.

Why do I mention all of this? For a simple reason. It's a preface to my comments about Nick Lannon's new book, Life Is Impossible: And That's Good News.

In this latest work, Nick Lannon does what few, if any, do so well: illuminate sound and substantial Christian doctrine with prodigious and helpful references to pop culture. His balanced books aren't only clear, faithful, and insightful; they're genuinely fun to read. Nick is equally adept in the twin canons of Scripture and American pop culture. Consequently, his writing, while deep, has broad appeal.

If you or someone you love feels burdened by the never-ending demands of life or can't shake the notion that Christianity is one more "Do more! Try Harder! Be Better!" religious scheme undertaken to secure God's approval, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy this engaging, fast-paced book. Referencing your favorite shows, books, movies, songs, athletes and more, it will remind you that Jesus came to carry your burdens, not multiply them.

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