Baptism: Answers to Common Questions

Over three Sundays, our church considered the sacrament of baptism. We sought to answer three questions - why we baptize, who we baptize, and how we baptize. This three-part series sought to cover central aspects of Christian baptism, but - for some - other questions might remain.

With that in mind, let me commend Guy Richard’s helpful book, Baptism: Answers to Common Questions. In eleven chapters, Richard answers the following questions:

  • What is baptism?

  • Does baptism mean immersion?

  • What does baptism mean?

  • Why do we baptize, and how should we do it?

  • Who should be baptized?

  • What do the ‘household’ baptisms teach us?

  • Why our our Baptist brothers and sisters disagree?

  • How do we respond to the Baptist arguments?

  • But what about Jeremiah 31?

  • What objections do we have to baptizing believers only?

  • What can we take away from all of this?

The writing is clear and accessible to non-theologians. It’s also charitable toward our brothers and sisters of other convictions. If you’re looking for a nice volume to take your understanding of this precious sacrament to the next level, look no more. This is it.

If you’d like to purchase Baptism: Answers to Common Questions, you can do so here.

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